How to Play All in Stud

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How to Play All in Stud

How to Play All in Stud

July 20, 2021  Authorbaji88

All in Stud is a variant of Raise 'em Poker with different side bets that is theoretically similar to Let it Ride. In contrast to Let it Ride, where bets are pulled back, bets are added in All in Stud. It's the same thing mathematically. Some new side bets in All in Stud aren't found in Let it Ride or Raise 'em Poker.

Rules of All in Stud

  • The player makes an Ante bet.
  • The dealer deals 3 cards to the player.
  • Player can either check or raise his Ante by placing a bet equal to his Ante.
  • The dealer deals with the first community card, and all players utilize it.
  • The player may check or raise his stake to the same amount as his Ante.
  • The second community card is dealt with by the dealer and is utilized by all players.
  • The payout is determined by the poker value of the player's five cards, total bets, and the paytable is shown.
  • There are also side bets, which are described further below.
Standard Pay Table
Royal Flush 1000
Straight Flush 200
Four of a kind 50
Full House 11
Flush 8
Straight 5
Three of a kind 3
Two pair 2
Tens or better 1
Loser Loss

Pocket 3 Pay Table
Mini royal 50
Straight flush 40
Three of a kind 30
Straight 6
Flush 3
Pair 1

Lo Ball Pay Table
7 high 100
8 high 50
9 high 15
10 high 5
Jack high 1

Jackpot Pay Table
Royal flush 20000
Straight flush 2000
Four of a kind 300
Full house 150
Flush 50
Straight 25
Three of a kind 5