How to Play 80-Ball Bingo

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How to Play 80-Ball Bingo

How to Play 80-Ball Bingo

June 21, 2021  Authorbaji88

Rival's 80-Ball Bingo is a bingo-based game. Rival develops games for online casinos. It's a simple bingo game with 80 balls that are played on a 4 by 4 card. The player competes against the game rather than other players and is compensated for covering the highest paying pattern on each card.

Rules of 80-Ball Bingo

  • The player must first decide how many cards to play (1~100), how much to bet per card (10 - $1), and how many balls to draw (35/45/55).
  • The total amount of money wagered cannot exceed $50.
  • The game is played using 4 by 4 bingo cards with 16 random numbers ranging from 1 to 80 on each card.
  • The number of bingo balls specified by the player will be chosen at random by the game.
  • The paytable for the number of balls pulled is shown in the table below.

  • Only horizontal and vertical lines are eligible for one, and two-line wins. In a Vegas bingo hall, this would be referred to as the "hard way." One line must be vertical, and the other must be horizontal to win for two lines. The game regulations make no mention of this rule. As proof, I've included a screenshot of a card with two horizontal lines covered, but just one row indicated as a win.

The following three tables show the chance and return for all conceivable events for a 35-, 45-, and 55-ball draw.

The table below displays the return based on the number of balls in the draw. As you can see, the 45-ball appeal has the highest return of 95.06%. If you really must play, go for the 45-ball draw.