What is Vietnam Power 6/55?

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What is Vietnam Power 6/55?

What is Vietnam Power 6/55?

May 18, 2021  Authorbaji88

Lottery games with immense jackpots abound in Asia. For example, Japan Loto 7 is one such game, but other Asian countries also have their lottery games that are just as exciting, if not more so. One of them is Vietnam Power 6/55 online. The Vietnamese lottery, which is available at Lotto Agent, is a 6-ball game with two jackpots and three bonus levels.

Three days a week, the lotto game is held. All prizes are awarded in VDN (Vietnamese dong). The official national lottery company Vietlott organises the Vietnam Power 6/55. The company runs a total of 21 lotteries, with the Vietnam Power 6/55 being the most common.

For both young and old players, Vietnam Power 6/55 is a hugely famous pastime. Many people have mentioned seeing lucky numbers in their dreams, demonstrating the popularity of Vietnamese lotteries. Of course, we wouldn't put our hopes in dreams to win the lottery, but we do recommend that you read our best online lottery guides to increase your chances of winning.

In 2017, the Vietnam Power 6/55 was introduced. It is coordinated by Vietlott, as previously mentioned. It became one of the most famous lotto games in Vietnam and Asia in just three years. The Vietnam Power 6/55 was always going to be a success, with the Vietnamese spending over $3 billion on lotteries per year.

As previously mentioned, all prizes in Vietnam Power 6/55 are awarded in VDN (Vietnamese Dong). It's a rollover lotto, which means that it'll roll over to the next draw if the jackpot isn't won. As soon as an individual reaches the age of legal 18, they can play the lottery.

The Vietnam Power 6/55 has three prize categories and two jackpots. A player must correctly select 6 numbers to win the main jackpot. The second jackpot is somewhat smaller, and it is decided by picking the winning number from the remaining 49 balls.